Rose Oxymel

Rose Oxymel

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A delicious and powerful Rose/Al-warda infused honey & vinegar medicine!

Roses are a well-rounded herbal medicine, supporting and uplifting various parts of the body/mind/soul.

This oxymel* can support:

  • Heart, nervous & digestive systems
  • Immunity
  • Deep sadness & grief
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Easing tension, pain, & inflammation throughout the body

Roses can gift us with the ability to touch the wellspring of infinite love, while also reminding us to honor our boundaries.
Roses can provide ease & levity to the healing process for folks who have survived or inherited trauma.
I think of folks who tend to carry the load of ancestral or collective grief who need a sacred & tender-loving embrace.

Roses can open the heart to more intimacy with yourself & others, or relieve/mend a broken heart.
Roses can gently elevate the mood for folks who experience depression or deep sadness.

ingredients: roses, honey, apple cider vinegar

1oz bottle only.

*Oxymel is an herbal medicine that has a base of honey + vinegar. The word Oxymel or Oxymeli translates to acid and honey in Greek and Latin. In Persian / Iranian herbal medicine, Oxymel is known as Sekanjabin سکنجبینThere are over 1200 Sekanjabin recipes recorded in Persian/Iranian medical manuscripts.


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