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my pain is holy salve
my pain is holy salve
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my pain is holy salve

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A powerful blend of herbs, resins & seeds infused in olive oil and apricot oil to apply topically all over the body to support your muscle aches, joint and bone pains, wounds, scars, fungus, insect bites, and various skin challenges. Supportive for a wide range of needs, this is a great salve to have in your medicine cabinet or for on-the-go support in your bag!

Scent sensitivity: This product contains a small amount of Pine + Lavender essential oils. It is a lower-scented topical salve.

Herbal Descriptions & Ingredients:

Frankincense & myrrh [Levonah & Mor]* is a traditional medicinal combination in SWANA regions and in ancient sacred texts; used both as a holy herbal smoke offering and as an herbal topical remedy for physical pain in your muscles, bones and ligaments. This combo is powerful in strengthening and moving stagnant energy in the body. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

Nettle seed [Hariga]** topically has been used in support of arthritis and other tender joint-related needs. While the nettle leaf is known to be more drying and clearing, the seed is hydrating and nourishing, promoting a soft layer of pain relief to the skin and joints.

Calendula is a very soft + gentle medicinal flower that provides tissue repair, inflammation support, and wound healing. It is very nourishing for redness, scarred, itchy, bruised or irritated skin. 

Comfrey is a firm plant whose medicine provides healing to various wounds, insect bites, scars, and also offers pain relief to joints and muscles.

Pine [7ebb qrish]^ essential oil provides energetic tree grounding in this formula, calling you back into your body and comforting your pain. Topically, pine soothes itchiness, inflammation, and dryness, and has the ability to draw out unneeded toxins or excretions from insect bites. Pine is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory.

Lavender essential oil is a widely known and used plant oil. Lavender provides an extra deep breath of relaxation and comfort to your system. Lavender softens the skin, supports itchy skin, and has anti-inflammatory properties as well. Lavender cleans wounds and heals burns.

The combinations of beeswax + cocoa butter as an agent to create the salve

Ingredients - Infused in olive oil + apricot oil: frankincense & myrrh resins, nettle seed, calendula, comfrey, and cedar. Beeswax + cocoa butter, a few drops of pine & lavender essential oil. 

*Frankincense + Myrrh in biblical hebrew: Levonah + Mor

**Nettle in Darija/Moroccan arabic: Hariga

^Pine [7ebb qrish] in Darija/Moroccan arabic: 7ebb qrish

 Otter holding sunflower picture credit to: @otter_heaven.ig