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Dreamy Summer Solstice Tekufah Potion

Dreamy Summer Solstice Tekufah Potion

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Magical & relaxing Summer Solstice Tekufah Potion. 

Herbs and flowers supporting the nervous system; invoking mystical dreams, uplifted spirits & a connected, loving heart. In honor of the Summer Solstice/Tekufah (Hebrew).

This is a powerful yet gentle, honey-sweet & pomegranate-tart potion blend of tincture and flower essences. The essences were prepared under the June 20th Summer Solstice Sun, carrying both the potent energies of that day and of the viola, rose and wild succulent flowers. I wanted to create a slow medicine that supports us in this current moment of transition from the spring to the summer, and as cities and states on Turtle Island shift their pandemic social distancing rules. This potion supports us in aligning with our inner values and bodies/minds/hearts as we reunite with the summer sun.

May we arrive softer under this full, sacred sun.

Starring: mugwort, skullcap, passionflower, milky oat tops, rose infused honey, pomegranate molasses, orange blossom water, brandy, glycerin, spring water. viola, rose, & succulent flower essences made under the solstice sun in Tammuz/June 2021.

1 - 20 drops internally as needed or a few drops under the pillow. 

A quote from the book of Isaiah in reference to the plant practices of the month of Tammuz - (this month is named after the Sumerian deity Dumuzid):

"...plant pleasant plants...in the day make your plant grow, and in the morning make your seed flourish: but the harvest shall be a heap in the day of grief and of desperate sorrow (Isaiah 17:10-11)."

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