Hyssop Honey Tincture

Hyssop Honey Tincture

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Respiratory support. Clearing, grounding & calming. The trio of Arak [Anise Liquor], Hyssop & Honey is a powerful soother to the respiratory + nervous systems. Arak has been traditionally used in SWANA medicine practice for respiratory support for generations.

Available in 1 ounce and 2 ounce dropper bottles.

HYSSOP HONEY TINCTURE: fresh hyssop, arak [anise-infused alcohol], glycerin, honey


Brief ode to Hyssop | Ezov (Hebrew) | Alzuwfa (Arabic):

You of many names,

dressed in purple blossoms and expansive, stops-you-in-your-tracks type of scent!

You contain mystery in your story, many of us say you are siblings to thyme, marjoram, oregano and lavender. And your name Ezov in the Torah has been debated for centuries. But when we hold you and take in your powers, we are cleansed and comforted. We are reminded of the Rabbis & Grandparents & Mystics who say You grew on walls & at the bases of mountains. A portal keeper. A firm, grounding Protector.

You who say you were there in the Liberation story of Passover cleansing our ancestors before entering the waters of the Red Sea.

Thank you Hyssop, Ezov, Alzuwfa, and many more names we have yet to know. Thank you for being here now again, years after the Red Sea, as we enter a season of fire storms on the westcoast. 

I see how you show up fearlessly in moments of collective change, grief, and destruction.




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