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**Shipping on 5/22/2023**


  • gay4u, gay4me anointing and perfume oil (10ml pink glass roller bottle)
  • Rose Oxymel (50ml corked and wax-sealed bottle)
  • Unfurl Me Tea (2oz loose herbal tea in a brown kraft resealable pouch)
  • Herbal Puffs (10 puffs in a reusable tin)

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Descriptions and Ingredients

1) gay4u, gay4me anointing and perfume oil:

*for external use only*

a grounding & sensual blend of pine, rose & geranium essential oils suspended in calendula-infused apricot, vitamin E & jojoba oils. 

There’s a whole dried rose bud floating inside & faggy, trans, gay, & queer magic blessings.

2) Rose Oxymel:

A delicious and powerful Rose infused honey & vinegar medicine!
This oxymel* may provide support for your:

  • Heart, nervous & digestive systems
  • Immunity
  • Deep sadness & grief; May uplift mood + soothe the heart
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Easing tension, pain, & inflammation throughout the body

ingredients: roses, honey, apple cider vinegar

*Oxymel is an herbal medicine that has a base of honey + vinegar. The word Oxymel or Oxymeli translates to acid and honey in Greek and Latin. In Persian / Iranian herbal medicine, Oxymel is known as Sekanjabin سکنجبینThere are over 1200 Sekanjabin recipes recorded in Persian/Iranian medical manuscripts.

 3) Unfurl Me Tea:

An herbal tea (caffeine-free) to provide soothing, opening, and uplifting energies to the sensual and sexual selves within you. This herbal tea warms the heart, and brings a feeling of calm and presence. This herbal tea may be used before engaging in sensual or sexual play, before having a challenging conversation, and to bring joy to a broken heart.

 ingredients: hawthorn leaf + flower, damiana, rose, cardamom & orange peel

4) Herbal Puffs:

Herbal Puffs that may provide support with activating your pleasure, opening your heart, softening judgment and relieving stress. Herbal Puffs may be a great alternative for folks weaning off other puffing products.

ingredients: marshmallow leaf, red raspberry leaf, damiana, rose, catnip, blue cornflower & lavender


More about how Roses may support your healing:

Roses are a well-rounded herbal remedy, supporting and uplifting various parts of the body/mind/soul.

Roses may gift us with the ability to touch the wellspring of infinite love, while also reminding us to honor our boundaries.
Roses may provide ease & levity to the healing process for folks who have survived or inherited trauma.
I think of folks who tend to carry the load of ancestral or collective grief who need a sacred & tender-loving embrace.

Roses may open the heart to more intimacy with yourself & others, or may relieve/mend a broken heart.
Roses may gently elevate the mood for folks who experience depression, grief or deep sadness.

This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.