Long C0vid Herbal Care Support Group *SUNDAY OPTION*

Long C0vid Herbal Care Support Group *SUNDAY OPTION*

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Long C0vid Herbal Care Support Group *SUNDAY OPTION*


This Herbal Care Support Group is for folks who currently have or are experiencing the symptoms of L0ng C0vid (self-diagnosed or diagnosed by a health professional). As a community herbalist during the p@ndemic, I have supported many folks with c0vid or l0ng c0vid care, and felt called to hold a communal space. I have noticed a lack of support for the l0ng c0vid community from the allopathic/”western” medicine world, and I believe that gathering together can be a helpful tool to navigate this. I will bring my training and skills in group facilitation, mental health counseling, holistic care and community herbalism to this group. I am guided by and lead groups with the tools of: Drama Therapy, Art Therapy, Restorative Justice, Somatic psychotherapy, and more. I love creating group containers that foster connection, creativity, and a mutual sharing of resources. 

In this 4-part virtual series, we will split the time between an herbal education space and a co-listening emotional support space including the sharing of specific body-mind** symptoms, where you are lacking/needing support or resources, and any other parts of your experience with L0ng C0vid that is needing witnessing. Week by week we will speak about l0ng c0vid’s effect on various parts of the body-mind**. We will discuss its effects on the respiratory, digestive, psychological, spiritual, neurological and musculo-skeletal systems, and I will provide herbal tools and practices to support your healing and care. There will also be room for participants to share about the tools that have been supportive to them so far, and tools that they are curious about trying.

My intention is to follow the lead of the group and let that guide the series. For example, we may choose to dive deeper into a specific herbal care protocol or body system based on the needs of the group and the symptoms/challenges/experiences that are specific to the people present.

At the end of the 4-week series, participants will leave with detailed care plans for themselves to tend to their l0ng c0vid experience, as well as the potential for continued support through either fellow participants and/or through 1:1 herbal care with myself. I enjoy offering “accessible herbalism” meaning - practical ways to make herbal remedies and practices part of your daily or weekly routine, that work for your capacity and budget, so I will be attuned to that as well as we co-create care plans.

An optional part of this group is having a buddy that I will randomly assign to you. Your buddy would be someone who you can check in with in between session times, and can be in communication with for accountability, processing, or other forms of connection and support related to l0ng c0vid care. 


  • SUNDAYS at 3pm - 4:30pm EST / 12pm - 1:30pm PST:
  • December 10

    December 17

    December 31

    January 7

    Please note: For the Sunday group, we will not be meeting on November 26 and instead will regroup on Sunday, December 3. For the Wednesday group, we will not be meeting on November 22 and will regroup on Wednesday November 29. 

    Cost and Scholarships/Payment Plans:

    This group is offered on a sliding scale $160 - $240 for the whole series. 

    That amounts to: $40 - $60 sliding scale per 1.5 hour session. 

    Please select the sliding scale tier that aligns with your current budget, socio-economic status, and access or non-access to wealth/financial support. For more information and support in selecting your tier follow this guide here by Worts and Cunning Apothecary.

    At this time and in line with my budget, I am able to offer two pay what you can slots in each group. I will be prioritizing poor, working class QTBIPOC folks for the two pay what you can slots.

    If you are unable to afford the full cost at once, there are also three slots available for weekly payment plans with a required first payment to secure your spot in the group by October 31, 2023.

    Please email me directly if you are interested in either the pay what you can slot or the payment plan, and we will arrange payment separately. 


    Additional Information: 

    This is not a drop-in group and sessions will not be recorded to practice confidentiality. Sessions will be held virtually on Zoom. If you need to miss a session for any reason, there will be notes, an option to schedule 1:1 time with me instead, and/or to check in with your group buddy to hear what you missed. When you register for this group you are signing up for all 4 sessions. To foster intimacy and connection, this group will be limited to 12 participants total. 

    Next Steps/Moves:

    Please fill out this brief form at least 1 week before the start of your group. This form asks you for your basic contact information, access needs, sharing of identities as is confrontable for you, if you would like to have a buddy, and a question about what you hope for in joining this group. More will be addressed during group session times :)

    If you have any questions, additional comments/needs that are not addressed here or in the form above, please email me at: info@bsamimapothecary.com

    **"Bodymind: A term used to challenge the idea the body and mind are experienced separately (Descartes). Written in various ways, Bodymind or Body-mind, this usage foregrounds the understanding that experiences of the bodymind are integrated"