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Oxymel Trio {Nettle, Rising Sun & Rose}

Oxymel Trio {Nettle, Rising Sun & Rose}

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Delicious & medicinal oxymel goodness!

This is the complete set of all of the current oxymels offered at B'samim Apothecary.

This trio contains a total of 3 medicines: Nettle Oxymel, Rose Oxymel and Rising Sun Oxymel. You have the option of having all three in 1 ounce bottles, or, 2 ounce bottles. 



Provides strength, vitality, minerals + nutrients to the entire body. Cleanses the blood from unwanted toxins, clears skin and replenishes your energy reservoirs. Restoring + stabilizing. Powerful allergy Aid. Well-rounded + powerful tonic to take daily.

Ingredients: fresh nettles, honey, apple cider vinegar. 


This is a delicious, potent & refreshing herbal & orange infused oxymel*.
Feel the refreshing & nutritious powers of Fresh Juicy Orange slices, Yarrow, Thyme, Mint, Rosemary, Mullein, & Hyssop.

All of these yummy herbs & fruit were coated in local honey & organic apple cider vinegar. Then they steeped for about 2 months!

I made it in the late summer with the intention of sharing it this Fall as the nights grow longer. I see it as a way of protecting & nourishing your inner fire throughout the fall & winter seasons. Like having a little sun in your pocket to carry you through these seasonal shifts, while also getting loads of health benefits listed below:
  • ️High in antioxidants & vitamin C; Energizing, enlivening - think glass of fresh orange juice in the morning️
  • Clears & soothes respiratory system ️
  • Protects your sinuses & air-passageways from unwanted infections ️
  • Supports fatigue, heaviness, & brings more OOMPH to your life️
  • Protects your energetic body, sovereignty & immunity️
  • Mild calming effects from Hyssop - I kept the amount of Hyssop lower in this blend to create a more uplifting formula️
  • Can support in preventing colds, flus, & coughs, as well as other seasonal ailments, and can also be taken at the first signs of a cold/cough/flu. 



A delicious and powerful Rose/Al-warda infused honey & vinegar medicine!

Roses are a well-rounded herbal medicine, supporting and uplifting various parts of the body/mind/soul.

This oxymel* can support:

  • Heart, nervous & digestive systems
  • Immunity
  • Deep sadness & grief
  • Menstrual cramps

Roses can gift us with the ability to touch the wellspring of infinite love, while also reminding us to honor our boundaries.
Roses can provide ease & levity to the healing process for folks who have survived or inherited trauma.
I think of folks who tend to carry the load of ancestral or collective grief who need a sacred & tender-loving embrace.

Roses can open the heart to more intimacy with yourself & others, or relieve/mend a broken heart.
Roses can gently elevate the mood for folks who experience depression or deep sadness.

*Oxymel is an herbal medicine that has a base of honey + vinegar. The word Oxymel or Oxymeli translates to acid + honey in Greek + Latin. In Persian / Iranian herbal medicine, Oxymel is known as Sekanjabin سکنجبین.
There are over 1200 Sekanjabin recipes recorded in Persian/Iranian medical manuscripts.*

This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.