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B'samim Winter Box
B'samim Winter Box
B'samim Winter Box
B'samim Winter Box
B'samim Winter Box
B'samim Winter Box

B'samim Winter Box

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**March Mutual Aid Goal: I have a goal of selling 10 more of these boxes, and $20 from each box will be sent to two of my friends mutual aid needs at this time. Check out @bsamim.apothecary for more information on this too! Please email if you would like to provide larger amounts in addition to purchasing a box.**

B'samim Apothecary's Winter Box!

B'samim's Winter Box is filled with nourishing and warming herbal remedies prepared for the winter season! Support yourself with the gift of homemade plant remedies as your body acclimates, as the seasons change, and as the longer days and shorter nights surround us. This is a well-rounded box with internal herbal remedies in the form of oxymels, fire cider, herbal tea, and bath salts.

What's inside?

  • Winter Nest Oxymel {2 ounce bottle}
  • Herbaceous Fire Cider {2 ounce bottle}
  • Khunjul - Moroccan Spiced Winter Tea {1 ounce loose leaf tea}
  • Plantcestral Love & Protection Soak {4 ounce sealable bag of herbal bath salts}


Winter Nest Oxymel:

The Winter Nest Oxymel (alcohol-free) is a warming and nourishing remedy made by B’samim Apothecary to support you through the winter months! The delicious cardamom, ginger and orange peel bring the feeling of a warm, cozy nest while also offering digestive bitter support and spark sensual and/or sexual fires. The rosehips, sumac, local honey and pomegranate molasses nourish the blood, and offer support to your immunity, inflammation and energy levels.

What is an oxymel? 

*Oxymel is an herbal remedy that has a base of honey + vinegar. The word Oxymel or Oxymeli translates to acid + honey in Greek + Latin. In Persian / Iranian herbal medicine, Oxymel is known as Sekanjabin سکنجبین.
There are over 1200 Sekanjabin recipes recorded in Persian/Iranian medical manuscripts.*

ingredients: rosehips, cardamom, sumac, ginger, cinnamon, & orange peel in honey, apple cider vinegar & pomegranate molasses

Herbaceous Fire Cider:

Providing robust Immunity, digestive, sinus-clearing, and invigorating energy support, Fire Cider is a staple in your at-home herbal apothecary. This fire cider can be used as a daily tonic and/or,when you are in the throws of a cold or flu.

ingredients: garlic, onion, ginger, thyme, oregano, rosemary, marjoram, garden sage, lemon juice + zest, turmeric, black peppercorns, jalapeños, red chilis, cinnamon sticks, apple cider vinegar, and honey

Khunjul - Moroccan Spiced Winter Tea:

Khunjul is a traditional Moroccan spiced tea that is made throughout the winter and served in marketplaces, cafes, or in your grandparent’s kitchen. Filled with medicinal roots and seeds, this tea will bring much needed nourishment, warmth and love to your body, mind and soul as we transition into the winter months. You can enjoy this tea on its own, or, with your favorite milk and sweetened with sugar or honey. Khunjul’s spicy, rich, and aromatic flavors are a true delight! 

ingredients: dandelion root, cardamom, cumin seeds, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, black peppercorns

**This is my own twist on the traditional recipe. I replaced a few of the ingredients in this blend with herbs that were more accessible to me and my community. I replaced madder root with dandelion root, galangal with ginger root, and omitted red chili peppers

Plantcestral Love & Protection Soak:

The plantcestral love & protection soak is filled with restorative, grounding, and protective herbs, yarrow flower essence, essential oils and jojoba oil. You can use this salt in baths or for hand/foot soaks to bring relaxation, loving attention and cleansing to your body, mind, and soul. This salt comes with comes with a muslin bath bag to put salts into for easeful bathing. Lean back, soothe your muscle aches, stress, and pain, and release all that isn't yours to carry into herbally blessed warm waters. 

ingredients: epsom salt, yarrow, rose, cedar, rosemary, rue & lavender. pine, rosemary, geranium, rose damascus, & lavender essential oils. jojoba oil & yarrow flower essence.

1-3 tablespoons per bath or foot/hand soak. 4 ounce bag, comes with a muslin bath bag to put salts into for easeful bathing. 

{longer description for the soak here}:

These herbs are holy plantcestors in my lineages that support deep levels of healing, protection, grounding, and intimacy with self and others while sustaining your boundaries. The plants and oils in this blend were thoughtfully chosen and woven together to form a blend that both supports your emotional, spiritual and physical boundaries, while simultaneously allowing for your heart to remain open. Imagine being amongst old rooted cedar and pine trees, while being showered with fresh and luscious roses, lavender, and geranium. Imagine the feelings of being both firm and soft; feet deep in soil, while the heart and spirit are free. 

The additional Yarrow flower essence provides the emotional, energetic, and physical body with wound healing support, resilience, boundary support and grounding. The jojoba oil added to the salts is replenishing and moisturizing, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. 

Salt on its own has been used as a tool for protection to ward off the evil eye and to protect and bless homes, doorways, and spirits for millennia, both in Jewish ancestral practices and in many other religions, cultures, traditions and folk practices. Many Jewish cleansing rituals take place at sea in salty waters, and folks used to take salts from their home to temple to have the salts blessed by rabbis and imbued with specific blessings that they were needing.