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B'samim Apothecary is a community herbalism practice and apothecary by the plantcestors* by way of the hands + heart of Mazal Masoud Etedgi.

Honoring + Remembering:

I honor the lineages, survival and medicines of my blood and bones, I honor my exiles and my diasporas. I bring with me the lands, traditions and practices of Tripoli, Libya (Ṭarābulus al-Gharb, Tamazgha) and Tetouan, Morocco (TiṭṭawinTamazgha)the land of the eyes and water springs. I thank my Savtimot and Shorashim (grandparents/ancestors/roots), my blood and soul families, my many teachers and mentors (human, plant and animal kin), community and friends, and Hashem (G-d). I thank the queer, trans, SWANA, BIPOC, disabled, magical and wide-webbed communities and people I organize with and learn from who teach me integrity, beauty, and right relationship daily.

All herbs in these medicines are either locally grown in a community garden I tend to, wind-fallen, or, are ethically and sustainably sourced. 

I offer custom-blend teas, tinctures, flower essences, topical oils, creams and salves, herbal smokables, as well as herbal consults. 

I joyfully invite a healing space to be here on this website, may this be a place of remembering the sacredness of this Earth and the sacredness of this medicine.

Longer Bio:

Mazal/Maz (they/them/theirs) is a trans/non-binary artist, arab/mizrahi jew, child of immigrants, spoonie/chronically ill person, herbalist, Drama Therapist, clown, and cultural organizer. Maz utilizes imagination, play, and ritual as tools for liberation, healing and connection. They honor, study and practice the plant medicines, liturgy, piyutim (sacred songs) and healing rituals of their mizrahi and arab jewish lineages, and of the sacred texts of Judaism. 

They have studied and taught herbalism for the past decade. Through their journey with chronic pain and illness, they met a wise Naturopathic Doctor (Dr. Sir Abdullah Smith-Ford) and herbalist who offered one-on-one mentorship for several years. This doctor told Maz that they would one day have a practice of their own, offering the medicines of their people. Mazal went onto self-study, Ayurvedic schooling, mentorship with herbalists at Eden Village Camp, serving as a Pharmacy Technician at Five Flavors Herbs and studying with Wild Gather. Their herbal practices and study merges SWANA ancestral herbal medicine, Jewish mysticism and Torah, intuitive herbalism, and psychology. Mazal is trained as a trauma-centered and body-centered Drama Therapist, and brings those frameworks of healing to their herbal work (M.A. Counseling Psychology + Drama Therapy, California Institute of Integral Studies).